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•  Art is a retired aerospace engineer who designed, built and operated some of the largest space simulation chambers in the world. He is also a classical musician who has played timpani in symphonies around the state.


•  In 2004, Art and his wife, Shirley, helped organize the participation of Federated Church in the United Outreach (UO) overnight program for the homeless at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Camino. After Art became UO president, he negotiated the lease of the Perks Court property to United Outreach to house six homeless women and children and then supervised the refurbishing and renovation of the buildings on the site.   


•  In the early summer of 2012, he was contacted by the then Vice Mayor of Placerville, Wendy Mattson, who asked Art to form a non-profit corporation to develop a homeless community here in the city. He, Ron Sachs and Jim Ellsworth created HangTown Haven, Inc. (HTHI). Art and that team, as well as the city manager, chief engineer, fire and police chiefs, and the property owner, designed and directed development of a one-acre site along Upper Broadway for homeless men and women. It is a legal tent city built around a common area that provides water, electrical power, portable toilets and a garbage bin. It is self-governing; the growth of a feeling of responsibility by the residents for their home is truly inspiring. 


 •  However, since the city’s temporary Special Use Permit expires in November 2013, Art has been searching for a place in the county to re-settle the homeless and expand the number of its residents. He has returned to negotiating with the county to use one of its properties on Perks Court. Success in this effort means that the residents of HHTI will be able to continue their remarkable strides toward becoming self-reliant.